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Watch the video here to learn about AVA Hearing Center and how we care for our patients. Choosing your hearing professional is an important decision, one you should make most thoughtfully. At AVA, we are good listeners. We want to learn about you, your lifestyle, and how better hearing can help you. We apply a battery of sophisticated tests to analyze your current hearing. Then we go to work, preparing new recommendations tailored specifically for you. Call AVA at (616) 365-1979. Better hearing begins, at AVA. View the flyer at the link below.

AVA Hearing Center Grand Rapids: Providing A Custom Approach To Patient Care

Hearing loss occurs for many different reasons in people of all ages from infants through to seniors. Sudden loud noises or chronic exposure to noises, medical issues like high blood pressure or diabetes, ototoxic medications and age related hearing loss due to aging can have devastating long term effect on overall health. Early intervention and thorough understanding of the underlying cause of hearing loss is important to treatment. Having a thorough hearing test followed by aural rehabilitation instruction and use of properly fit hearing aids and mitigate the long term damaging effects of hearing loss. Those living in or near Grand Rapids, MI, can drop by our hearing center for assistance with hearing loss, tinnitus, aural rehabilitation instruction, hearing aid repair services or a full communication and hearing assessment.

Professional Staff

At AVA Hearing Center, our professionally trained staff is here to assist people in improving and restoring their normal hearing performance. We have audiologists on staff to complete a full hearing examination, including a diagnostic hearing assessment and speech-in-noise performance test.

We take the time to listen to the needs of our patients and to ask questions to help us to understand how best to address changes in hearing. We consider your lifestyle, the options in hearing aids we offer, your specific hearing loss factors and personal preferences to provide the optimal hearing loss solution.

Hearing Aid Selection

Based on the results of your hearing test, the audiologist will recommend the best hearing aids for your specific hearing loss needs. We offer state of the art hearing aids in many different styles, and we also use a Try Before You Buy policy, so you always know the hearing aids you select are the right ones for your hearing needs.

With our custom-fit hearing aids and full aftercare services, AVA Hearing Center in Grand Rapids, MI, has the ability to provide our patients with the complete range of hearing loss solutions. If you are experiencing changes in your hearing, have ringing in the ears or you are having difficulties understanding conversation when in the presence of noise, contact us today for a hearing evaluation. We participate with most insurances.

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We are back to work at AVA Hearing Center! Our staff is well rested and on-hand to take care of your hearing needs. So give us a call at (616)365-1979.
Our office hours have changed slightly. We will be open Monday-Thursday 9 AM-5 PM (closed for lunch between 12-1). We will not be offering evening or Friday hours. We will continue to have curbside service and are now scheduling face-to-face appointments. You may notice a few changes around AVA. We are following the CDC guidelines for patient interaction and cleaning to ensure your safety and the safety of the staff. We will be masked and gloved and ask that anyone coming into the office utilize a facemask as well. If you don’t have a mask we will provide you with one. We thank you for your patience as we adjust to this new normal, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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