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Hearing Aids Rockford, MI

Audiologist in Rockford, MI – Handling Your Hearing Needs

Have you been struggling to communicate?

Hearing loss is usually gradual, meaning people may not immediately connect hearing loss with their communication difficulties. However, you should see an audiologist for a hearing exam if you are experiencing any of the following scenarios:

  • Trouble hearing consonants
  • Needing to increase the volume on movies or audio
  • Difficulty comprehending speech when there is background noise
  • The feeling that speech sounds muffled
  • Troubled sleep
  • Ear pain or discomfort
  • Requiring people to slow their speech
  • Avoiding social settings or conversations

Hearing Doctor in Rockford, MI

The role of a hearing doctor is to diagnose hearing problems and determine strategies to help you cope with hearing loss or challenges. At AVA Hearing Center, we have two audiologists Dr. Karen Jacobs and Dr. Carol Byrne, servicing Rockford, MI, and the surrounding area. They can use their expertise and state-of-the-art tools to help diagnose your hearing problems.

Your visit begins with a hearing evaluation. It is not enough to determine that you are having hearing problems. We use a hearing test to find out what pitches and volumes form the boundaries of your hearing, as well as assess your ability to filter speech from background noise. We use that information to develop your personalized treatment program.

Treating Hearing Loss in Rockford, MI

If your hearing evaluation reveals hearing loss, we develop strategies to help. Hearing aids may or may not be part of that strategy. Technological advances mean that today’s hearing aids can:

  • Improve overall hearing
  • Improve your ability to discern speech from background noise
  • Connect to your existing technology like your smartphone or television

Hearing Aids in Rockford, MI

A hearing aid doctor not only evaluates hearing loss but helps get you the appropriate hearing aids for your particular loss.

We handle the initial hearing aid fitting, as well as maintenance visits to tweak and perfect your hearing aid.

If your hearing aid ever experiences problems, we are local to the Rockford, MI area and can handle hearing aid service and hearing aid repair.

Ready to Improve Your Ability to Communicate?

Do not let hearing loss keep you from communicating. Withdrawal is one of the sad side effects of hearing loss. A Rockford, MI hearing aid specialist can help you preserve or restore your ability to communicate with others, enabling you to resume your everyday life. Contact us today to get started.