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What Should I Do If I Suspect a Hearing Loss?

Call AVA Hearing Center for a thorough hearing evaluation and listing assessment. The test just provides you with information about the good parts of your hearing and maybe some areas that cause communication difficulties. A hearing test can also serve as a BASELINE in order to monitor the progression of loss or see influences of medications, noise exposure, or illness. AVA participates with most insurances and provides a diagnostic assessment of hearing, speech discrimination, and speech in noise tests.

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What can be done to treat a hearing loss?

Sometimes the problem is treatable; by having earwax removed, using medication for an infection or in some cases, surgery. Mild hearing loss can be treated with Aural Rehabilitation exercises and other tips for good listening. The most common type of hearing loss is called “sensorineural hearing loss”. This is the kind usually found with diabetes. Sensorineural hearing loss can be mild to profound. When the damage is mild, using Aural Rehabilitation Exercises can improve listening skills. In other more severe cases, sensorineural can be treated with hearing aids. Call AVA to see which treatment options are right for you.

How can I be sure that hearing aids will help?

Hearing aids have changed a lot in the past few years. Instead of making all sounds louder, like the old kind, newer hearing aids are better at making what you want to hear clearer. These hearing aids also have special features to focus towards a speaker or reduce the level of background noise. Current hearing aid models will have Bluetooth options that can connect the hearing aid to a cell phone or television, making it easier to enjoy conversation and entertainment.

At AVA Hearing Center we offer several ways to try hearing aids before you purchase them. We have a unique program called FLEX TRIAL that uses a special recording hearing aid that shows a patient’s individual acoustic lifestyle. It identifies which hearing aid features are being used and which features are less important. This information is beneficial when deciding which hearing aid is most appropriate. Not every patient needs the most expensive hearing aid. At AVA, the patient always has options. Our goal is to provide meaningful information and professional knowledge to help patients make the choice that is right for them. Call us today to start your FLEX TRIAL.