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Comprehensive Hearing Test

Comprehensive Hearing Test

Are you ready to learn more about your hearing health? The first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing test with a local Audiologist. This hearing test provides information about your current hearing level. A test battery will assess your hearing sensitivity and supplemental tests using speech and speech-in-noise will help determine your listening abilities. The hearing evaluation is completely noninvasive and painless. It usually takes about one hour.

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Hearing Test Grand Rapids

Looking in Your Ear

During the hearing test, we’ll take a look inside your ear using an otoscope. We’ll check for any sign of damage to your ear canal or ear drum. We will also look for a buildup of earwax that could be affecting your hearing. We will review your medical history and history of noise exposure making sure there are no underlying health concerns that may be contributing to your hearing loss, tinnitus or dizziness.


We also perform multiple speech tests. Instead of playing a tone, we’ll play a word. All you need to do is repeat the words or sentences back to us. Sometimes the words will be presented in quiet and sometimes the words will be presented in noise. These measures tell us how well you can understand speech at different pitches, volumes, and in various background noise levels.


The Audiogram

Your results will be displayed on a graph called an audiogram. You’ll see exactly what sounds you hear at what pitches. It also shows you the sounds you can’t hear. We will discuss any need for possible medical treatment and even send a report to your physician. If your audiogram shows a hearing loss greater than 20 decibels that cannot be corrected through medical intervention, we can discuss non-medical treatment options.

Discussing Your Hearing Needs

Discussing Your Hearing Needs

As part of the comprehensive hearing evaluation, our audiologist will take some time to discuss your hearing needs. We want to know more about your lifestyle, and where you have the most trouble hearing. You can let us know if you have a hard time hearing during social events, when talking on the phone, or when watching TV. This helps us recommend the best hearing solution for your lifestyle and needs.

This comprehensive hearing test in Grand Rapids shows you the type, degree, and specifics of your hearing loss. It gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re able to hear. After the test, the next step is to talk about treatment options. AVA Hearing Center can help you make the right decision about your hearing health.