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Moxi All - Unitron

Who says you can't have it all? With the Moxi All from Unitron, you can.

•  Connects to all smartphones, not just the iPhone.

•  In one ear and out the other- aids work as speaker and microphone, no need to even touch your phone

•  Rechargeable options available, overnight charging provides the freedom to stay in conversation all day.

Beyond 440- Widex

The new WIDEX BEYOND™ is the world’s best sounding made-for-iPhone hearing aid.

•  Connect to your smartphone three different ways bluetooth, DEX communication devices and Telecoils.

•  Easy to navigate smartphone app, adjust volume with a simple swipe

•  Rechargeable options available, recharge at night and listen all day

Linx 3D- GN Resound

Hear more than you thought possible.

•  Stream sound directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids, making phone calls and FaceTime a breeze

•  Use hearing aids as wireless headphones, stream movies and music from your iPad

•  Not and iPhone user? No problem, easily stream with the Resound Phone Clip+ device

All hearing aids come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

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Musicians Hi-Fi Ear Plugs

A nearly invisible ear plug that is great for musicians, concert go-ers, and music lovers. Earasers filter of loud noises so you can enjoy sound at a safe and comfortable level. These filtering ear plugs also work well in noise restaurants or bars.

Sta-Dri Jar, Large Size

Model W70210, Large Glass Jar
Glass jar with desicant pillow is used to remove daily accumulation of moisture from BTEs and ITEs. Place instrument in the jar overnight. Dessicant pillow can be rejuvinated in the microwave. Large enough to accommodate both an ITE and BTE hearing aid.

Sta-Dri Jar, Small Size

Model W72963, Small Plastic Jar
Same as above, but smaller size, and plastic jar.

LACE Listening Software

NeuroTone Software CD. Even though you've taken steps to improve your hearing, you still may be missing out on words and conversations.

That's because you hear with your ears - but you listen with your brain. Even people with normal hearing can have poor listening skills and miss portions of what is being said. The good news is that your brain can be trained to use strategies that compensate for situations when your hearing ears alone may not be enough.

LACE - Listening and Communication Enhancement - is a computerized, interactive software training program that helps improve your ear-to-brain muscle memory. Just as physical therapy can help rebuild physical strength and compensate for weakness, LACE can assist in developing listening, communication, and interaction skills.

You can use LACE at home on your computer or at your hearing health care professional's office. Even if you don't have a hearing loss, LACE can help you improve your listening skills to help you understand speech in difficult hearing environments, like restaurants, crowds, or groups of people.

LACE is a home-based, self-paced listening training program. Runs on Windows or Macintosh PCs. Simple and intuitive - even for computerphobes.

Helps compensate for hearing loss by strengthening thinking and memory skills and providing communication strategies. Automatically transmits your results to your health care provider for easy tracking of your progress. Teaches you how to conquer listening challenges, like noisy restaurants, so you can enjoy daily activities more.

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