Product Feature: Unitron Now and Accessories

Smallest in the world

Moxi NOW is the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class.

The Smallest are often the SWEETEST

Even though Moxi Now is the world’s smallest hearing instrument in its class, Unitron still managed to pack in all the features and functionality you need for the best hearing experience possible.

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Discreet hearing has never looked to good!

Available in an array of colors, Moxi Now offers you the perfect choice to suit your style.

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uDirect 3

Enjoy Streaming

This sleek, hands-free accessory lets you enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players, with stereo sound and long battery life.

Remote Control 2

Customize Listening

Perfect for those who want more control over their listening experience, Remote control 2 lets them discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs.


Be Discreet

Experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TVs and Bluetooth MP3 players.

uTV 3

Be Entertained

uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing instruments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for those who like to be entertained by TV.


Hear it from the source

This personal wireless microphone system lets you hear your companion more easily in challenging listening environments. Attach uMic using the built-in clip or lanyard loop and wirelessly send audio directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2.

Unitron Moxi: in Popular Styles

Unitron Now

Unitron Now