AVA Hearing Center offers a Complimentary FLEX-TRIAL hearing aid opportunity. These specialized hearing aids are used to gather information about individual patients’ hearing needs. The hearing aids are fit on a 1-2 week trial and are programmed specifically for the individual. Patients get an opportunity to experience what it is like to wear hearing aids.

But what is unique about the Flex Trial hearing aid is its ability to monitor the patient’s experience. The hearing aids are specially designed to gather REAL WORLD information about an individual’s acoustic lifestyle. The hearing aids collect data about how often a patient is in particular environments like Quiet, Soft conversation, speech in mild noise, speech in moderate noise, speech in loud noise, just noise, music, television, telephone. It monitors the hearing aid’s response to environments as well as patient changes like volume UP/DOWN, recording what the conditions where when those changes were being made.

At the end of the trial period the audiologist and the patient get together to look at the results. That data helps identify which technology features are worth purchasing and which ones might not be necessary. This ensures that patients get what they need but don’t pay for what they don’t use. It helps answer questions like “Which hearing aids are best for me?” and “How much better could I do with more expensive technology?”

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